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The “First Division” storms the beaches of Normandy

When the First Division Museum wanted to provide a deeper dive into the stories featured in the D-Day murals in their World War II gallery, they engaged Night Kitchen Interactive to produce two digital touchscreens.

A touchscreen kiosk in a Normandy beach exhibit

These touchscreens utilize the exhibit’s highly-detailed murals as a canvas to deliver interpretive text, photos, and videos about the invasion on June 6th, 1994. Over fifty embedded content hotspots allow visitors to explore key moments and scenes from this historic invasion. 

Soldiers on a beach

Visitors can learn how soldiers pushed through a hail of bullets, bombs, and debris to reach land. They can watch footage of the invasion fleet or dive into the technical specifications of aquatic tanks used in the landings. By allowing the visitor to select the content that interests them most, the experience provides a self-curated exploration of weapon and vehicle schematics, individual stories of valor, and the bigger picture of the largest naval invasion in history. 


We have had great attendance and interaction with the touchscreens and content!

Jessica Waszak, Museum Specialist, First Division Museum