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Our innovative augmented reality and virtual reality mobile app platform

This app platform is a flexible framework for producing a wide range of mobile apps. At the core of the MuseumHost platform is an interactive storytelling engine for location-based scavenger hunts. These Challenges engage visitors in heads-up, hands-off immersive experiences in galleries, onsite and off.

Visitors follow clues to reveal augmented reality animations and VR photosphere experiences. Completion of Challenges unlocks 3D objects for visitors to engage with. These Keepers are 3D models based on collections objects and stories. Visitors place Keepers into selfies and videos they share online through social media. In addition to Challenges and Keepers, the app provides a robust Map and location listing interface for place-based experiences across larger or multiple sites. It also includes a Topics menu, allowing visitors to easily browse content or stories of interest.

The app platform provides a fun and compelling visitor experience that can be seamlessly overlayed on the museum or cultural site spaces. Apps built on the MuseumHost platform are available on all major Android and iOS devices. App branding and user interface can be easily customized to reflect partner branding and preloaded onto museum hardware or made available in app stores for visitors to download onto their own devices.