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A group of people standing in front of the projection screen.

An immersive expansion project walkthrough

To accompany the announcement of the College of Physicians’ $25 million expansion campaign, Night Kitchen Interactive produced an immersive film that highlights the hidden secrets of the Mütter Museum. In their plan to double the Mütter’s exhibit space, the College will bring never-before-seen collections to the public’s eye.

This large-format video was designed to fit across a 25-foot projection screen on the East Wall of Thomson Gallery. The film invites visitors to take a step through that wall and explore the College of the future by means of an architectural visualization. Night Kitchen partnered with architecture firm Kieran Timberlake to animate a reenvisioned walk-through of the new building plans, overlaying historic photographs and immersive video to capture the College’s vision of the past, present, and future.

A group of people standing in front of the large screen.

After the main walkthrough video, a 10-minute segment plays that features the unique programs and resources that make the College special — the Historic Medical Library, research facilities, educational outreach programs, and the 90% of Mütter collection objects currently in storage. The full projection experience is just shy of 15 minutes in length.

An image of the phrase "Mutter research institute" with a skull in the background.

This experience aims to immerse visitors in the expansion project, inspiring them to get involved and imagine what could be on display in the new gallery space. It was available to view in the Thomson Gallery as part of the exhibit Building a Vision: Creating the College of Physicians for the 21st Century.