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Evocative media bring two massive murals to life

For The New-York Historical Society’s exhibition The Vietnam War: 1945 – 1975, Night Kitchen Interactive created a series of four touchscreen interactives. The exhibition displays two large murals, one depicting the War Front and another the Home Front, each packed with illustrations of historic events, people and places.

The gesture-controlled touchscreens allow visitors to pinch, zoom and pan through the murals’ robust details. Through dozens of hotspots, visitors can also explore the stories, archival photos and film that inspired the murals’ imagery.

A black and white mural of the Vietnam war.
A mural showing mobilization.

By providing the curated source content alongside the artist’s interpretation, visitors are encouraged to engage closely with the murals and gain a deeper understanding of the complex stories they tell. We also adapted the War Front and Home Front interactives to be available on The New-York Historical Society’s exhibiton website.

The mural next to two kiosks.

Photographs by Glenn Castellano, New-York Historical Society.

The mural displayed on a corner next to the tablet kiosk